Special consultations

You can contact your GP for all your complaints. Sometimes you have certain subjects that you might want to know more about, talk about and ask questions, or that you might want to prevent complaints. You are also welcome for this. Read below which special consultation we offer.

Menstrual regulation or contraceptive advice
The use of contraception is quite common, but at the same time also a topic about which many rumors are sometimes spread. But what are all the pros and cons of the different methods of contraception? How can you regulate menstruation with that? And how do you make a choice that suits you?

To discuss this (without obligation) with your GP, you can make an appointment for contraceptive advice. You will be sent a questionnaire in advance that you can fill in and take with you to the appointment.

Whatever form of contraception you choose, this can also be arranged through your GP. The GP can insert an IUD or a rod into the GP practice. The contraceptive advice is reimbursed within your basic insurance. The costs for the contraception you choose depe21134nd on various factors, your GP can discuss this further with you.

Children’s wish
Did you know that a baby’s organs are already being formed in the first months of pregnancy? When you discover that you are pregnant, this process is already in full swing. That is why it is important to start living as healthily as possible before pregnancy. Come by to discuss your desire to have children.

This appointment is for both the future mother and the future father. You will be asked to fill in (both) a questionnaire in advance, which will be discussed in detail during your consultation with the GP.

The costs of the consultation are covered by your basic insurance.

Make an appointment for a special consultation
Would you like to make an appointment for one of the special consultation hours? Fill in the form, you will be contacted to schedule the appointment and you will be sent the necessary forms.