Doctor & Team
About doctor Louwen-Zwart.

Henrike Louwen has been working as a general practitioner in the region of The Hague for several years. First as an substitute doctor in various practices and at the out-of-hours GPs in The Hague, and then she has been associated for a longer period of time as a permanent GP in Leidschendam and recently in Leidschenveen.

Full of enthusiasm, Henrike Louwen-Zwart is now the new face of general practice Binck-Zorg in the Binckhorst. Starting a new practice is a unique opportunity, in which the close and accessible relationship with the patient must be maintained alongside new developments in healthcare.

Areas of focus are: minor surgery (such as removal of birthmarks, etc.), gynecology (including insertion of an IUD/contraceptive device), paediatrics, palliative care and psychological complaints.

Practice Binck-Zorg can be reached directly by telephone daily between 08:00 and 12:00. The telephone will then be answered by the assistants of the GOED Voorburg practice. The assistants are trained to do triage, which means that they can assess whether and when you need medical help by asking questions about your complaints. Sometimes the assistant can also give advice by telephone for your complaints. If an assessment is needed, they will schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office. If you need to be seen urgently and the doctor is not present at the Binck-Zorg location, the assistants will make an emergency appointment for you at the doctor at practice GOED Voorburg in Voorburg.

In the event of absence due to holidays or courses, the Claessen practice in Voorburg sometimes takes care of emergencies.

General practice Binck-Zorg is part of Medicus Essentia, a nationally operating organization for future-proof general practitioner care.