Health check driver's licence

You can also contact us for a driver’s license inspection of the A/B/BE driver’s license if you are about to turn 75 or if you are 75 years or older. This is possible for everyone, even if you are not registered in the practice.

The costs for a 75+ A/B/BE driving license inspection are €50.

NB! For a driver’s license inspection, you must always first complete the health declaration from the CBR yourself. You will then receive a message from the CBR that the inspection forms are ready in your digital environment on my CBR. We need these forms for the inspection.

What does the 75+ driver’s license inspection entail?
The purpose of the inspection is to enable the CBR to assess whether you can operate the vehicle independently and in a safe manner. For this, the general practitioner carries out a medical examination to map out any health risks. The investigation consists of the following parts:

  • This means that your medical history and any complaints are questioned;
  • Examination of the eyes by means of a vision and visual field test;
  • blood pressure measurement;
  • urinalysis;
  • Possible physical examination.

Make an appointment for your Health check driver’s licence
You will be contacted to make an appointment.